On Your Way


You are on your way to your new life in New Zealand or returning after a few years away – now you’ll need information, and fast!


At Henderson International we’re migrants ourselves, so we know that at this stage of the migration process you are probably knee-deep in lists, full of excitement and maybe even experiencing a little doubt – we hope that you find the following resources useful, and invite you to contact us for further information.



Currency Exchange


  1. New Zealand Dollar Currency Exchange – how to get the best rate when you change your Pounds to New Zealand Dollars,
  2. Some further options when the exchange rate is not favourable, and some information on
  3. New Zealand Dollar Currency Exchange Volatility – how much you can save by carefully timing when you change your Pounds to New Zealand Dollars.

  • Renting out your house in the UK when you emigrate to New Zealand- will you sell your UK home or rent it out when you emigrate to New Zealand? Find out what you need to know about insurance, tax, and just how much of a hassle it is to be an absentee landlord!

New Zealand Banking

New Zealand Banking and opening a New Zealand bank account


New Zealand Retirement Planning


A guide to what you need to know about pensions and retirement savings as a UK migrant to New Zealand, including


  1. Receiving the UK state pension as an expat in NZ,
  2. Receiving UK pension payments in NZ,
  3. Whether you will be eligible for a NZ state pension,
  4. State-subsidised retirement savings with KiwiSaver, and
  5. NZ tax on pensions.

What to take with you

Some guidance on what you should consider shipping to New Zealand, and what you definitely shouldn’t, from both a biosecurity and practical standpoint. Includes information we wish we had known on whether your TV will work in New Zealand!

Also some information on an option for low cost, high quality cargo insurance for the household goods that you decide to take with you, and articles on moving your pets to New Zealand and shipping your car to New Zealand.

New Zealand Tax

Everything you need to know about the tax system in New Zealand, and about managing your UK tax affairs once you have emigrated.

  1. Top 10 New Zealand Tax Tips
  2. Tidying up your UK Tax Affairs – how to let the UK Inland Revenue know that you are emigrating to New Zealand
  3. New Zealand Income Tax Rates – the tax rates for individuals and companies, New Zealand Capital Gains Tax and some basics on the NZ tax system
  4. New Zealand Tax Resident – find out if you’ll be liable for income tax in NZ
  5. IRD Numbers – how to get a New Zealand IRD (tax identification) number
  6. Tax Exemption for New Residents in NZ – a generous tax break for migrants to New Zealand
  7. Who needs to file a New Zealand Tax Return? – find out whether you’ll need to complete a self-assessment tax return in NZ
  8. GST – find out about the sales tax in New Zealand
  9. New Zealand Tax on Pensions – find out how much NZ tax you will be liable for on your pension contributions and income
  10. New Zealand Tax on Investments – find out how much NZ tax you will be liable for on your investment income
  11. New Zealand Trusts – is there any advantage in setting up a New Zealand trust before your emigrate?
  12. Inheritance Tax in New Zealand – will you still be liable for UK inheritance tax when you emigrate to NZ? Is there an inheritance tax regime in New Zealand?



New Zealand Insurance

Getting prepared for moving to New Zealand, you may be wondering about what to do with your UK insurance policies and what kind of insurance is available in New Zealand – and how much it will cost. Find the answers you need in our Insurance section.


  • Free New Zealand Resources – a round-up of our free resources, downloads, guides and checklists, including our New Zealand Financial Guide  (a free information pack for Brits emigrating to New Zealand, packed with all of the financial information you’ll need to know), and our handy New Zealand Immigration Checklist and Paperwork Checklist.